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We are very fortunate in finding a company willing to take the time to not only help you in your immediate needs but also take the time to give you advice

Pablo Rodriguez

Covemex, Inc Miami, FL

How To Schedule a Service?

If you don’t have an account  fill out the form on this page or call our store or send us a text message, we will schedule the tech based on your needs.

If you have an account click here and you can create a ticket in our system.

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How To Get an Account? Once you are our customer we will create an account for you to access our Ticket System. Our System will send you an e-mail with your username and Password. If you do not receive it contact us.


Excellent service. Brought my laptop (MacBook Pro) in to get repaired and now my laptop is back to normal, if not better. They made sure to update me and explain the issues with my laptop. If I need to get anything else done with my laptop in the future I know where to go.

Renato G.

Montclair, CA