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Who is behind the scenes

Prime Tech support provides business , home services, remote assistance and if you want we would be happy to attend you right at our location. Besides our technical support services we can provide you website solutions or optimization, search engine optimization and marketing management.  At Prime Tech Support we are eager to help you with any issue with your Server, Firewalls, Networks, VoIP PBX, PCs, Laptops, Smart phones, tablets or whatever you need!

This Is Our Story

Prime Tech Support is a passionate young team created to answer the technology needs on the market.  We are a combination of talent, academic preparation, love for our work and a geek attitude to solve the challenges that technology determines today.

With a significant experience through large companies, for more than seven years we gave technical support services parallel to our jobs. Until the day that we realize that more than a hobby we had to join forces and organize us as a real group.

  • IT Support Knowledge 100%
  • VoIP Knowledge 100%
  • Responsible Team 100%

Timely Support

Our time response for emergency calls is 1 to 2 hours. We are always on time when we schedule visits. We service local customers and overseas. Try our Technical Support Team


Tech Support is a solution that combines technical knowledge, project management skills and customer care approach.
We are a new force ready to give technical assistance.

Advanced Technology

Our Team is always getting the latest IT knowledge on the market. We have been providing our clients with the the latest technology trends to help their business grow.

Clear Communication

We are proud to be using Customer Relation Management Systems to maintain our customers informed of everything that is being done in their location via e-mail.

Recent Blog Posts

Learn from our experience, we post articles to help you understand what we do every day

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